OpenStreetMap Die free wiki world map

OpenStreetMap is the Wikipedia of geodata. People like you and me are creating a free map of the world. New here? There is additional information about OpenStreetMap on the wiki.

Use maps

Everyone can use our raw data freely, thus there are countless applications providing very different features. This not only includes online maps, but also applications for mobile devices or the PC.

One of those is our ad-free and fullscreen world map:


All of our geodata is stored as Points, Lines and Areas making them universally usable. They can not only be used to create drawn maps, but also routing applications or geocoding.

However, the most important advantage: Everyone can download the raw data for free and use it with only few restrictions.


OpenStreetMap is based on the contributions of many different people in a big community.

There are many ways to contribute to OpenStreetMap, for example:

OpenStreetMap in your country: