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Recommended maps and applications

What you see here are only some of the many maps and appliactions that have grown around OpenStreetMap data. There is a more complete list on the wiki.

Maps on the web

Riding- and hiking Map

The Riding- and hiking Map shows marked hiking routes on the map with Schummerung? and Höhenlinien?. It also shows other important stuff for riders and hikers.

Public Transport Map

The ÖPVN-Karte shows lines of the public transport.


The Open Cycle Map highlights cycleways and routes as well as important POIs for cyclists.


The OpenSeaMap shows important marks on and around the sea.


Using the OpenStreetBrowser you can dynamically display POIs of many categories on a map.

It also shows detailed information about any element you click on.


The OpenLinkMap shows internet adresses and wikipedia articles associated with POIs.


Best of OSM

Here you can view the Best of OpenStreetMap, that includes the best mapped places, as well as places that are important for OpenStreetMap's history, big data imports and just interesting places.

Map Compare

Map Compare compares two maps side by side. You can choose several OpenStreetMap-based styles as well as Google Maps and Aerial Imagery.

Report errors

Using OpenStreetBugs you can report errors in OpenStreetMap just by clicking on the map. Others will then be able to see the error and correct it.

Calculate routes

The OpenRouteService calculates routes for pedestrians, cyclist and motorists based on OpenStreetMap data.

For mobile use

Platform Name Description
Android AndNav2 (proprietary software) View maps online or offline. Routing only online.
Garmin Overview of available maps There are maps for many GPS Garmin devices.
Mobile Java (J2ME) GpsMid (Open Source) Maps are saved on the device and rendered locally. Routing available. Records GPS-data. Simple OSM-editing.
iPhone OffMaps (proprietary software) Downloads map tiles for offline use. No routing.
iPhone Roadee (proprietary software) Includes navigation.
Nokia Internet Tablet Osm2go (Open Source) Offline-Rendering and editor.
Nokia Internet Tablet Maemo Mapper (Open Source) Display maps.
Nokia Internet Tablet Navit (Open Source) Local rendering of maps.

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