What this script is made for

This page generates Html- and Javascriptcode for simple OpenStreetMap slippymaps based on Openlayers. This script was not made for big projects with a lot of markers or other special things. Of course you can use it as basis. Suggestions for improvements are always appreciated.


The entry mask should be self-explanatory if you have already some little knowledge about creating a slippymap.

General procedure

  1. Set the titel, description, layer etc. and add markers if necessary.
  2. Click at "Create Preview" and open the link (in a new window so the entry mask doesn't get changed) to view the result.
  3. Repeat these two steps until you are satisfied with the result. If you are finished, you have to put it on your own webspace to make it publically available:
    1. Click on "Download map (only .html)" to download the map file (HTML) and save it somewhere on your computer. Download util.js and map.css and put them in the same folder as the HTML-file. You will also need openlayers.zip, which has to be extracted in the same folder, which will create a subfolder "openlayers".
    2. Or: Click on "Download map (all files in .zip)" to download the map file as well as the other required files. Extract the .zip-archive on your computer. The included openlayers.zip must also be extracted itself in the same folder, which will create a subfolder "openlayers".
    3. The file structure should look like this:
      • openlayers
        • img
          • diverse Dateien
        • theme
          • diverse Unterordner und Dateien
        • OpenLayers.js
      • map.css
      • map.html
      • util.js
    4. Upload all files (the one you downloaded seperately or those in the .zip) to your webserver or keep them on your local machine.
    5. Open the map.html in your browser to view the map.

Notes for some functions

Important information


If there is something that doesn't work or if you have suggestions, please send an email.